Client Comments

Private Client – Swimming Pool, Periton Road:

‘Very impressed with the way our pool project was managed. All the relevant specialists where brought together and worked efficiently as a team to make the job run smoothly and on time’

Private Client – New Dwelling, Western Lane:

‘The drawings supplied for the construction of my house were incredibly detailed and excellent value for money’.

Private Client – House Extension, Oake, Taunton:

‘Thank you for your excellent service and builder recommendation. Our extension looks great and we are very happy’

Private Client – Stone’s Hotel, Minehead:

‘Adam has done an excellent job in turning this run down hotel into an elegant establishment. Thank you for all your hard work and invaluable assistance.’

Private Client – Loft Conversion, Halse, Taunton:

We are really pleased with the layout of our loft conversion. The location of the stair was a fundamental aspect of the conversion and Adam got it spot on. Not only does the stair feel like it was part of the original house but it also works extremely well with the existing accommodation. We have turned a small 2 bedroom bungalow into a 3 bedroom family home with ensuite and study, on a small budget. Thank you so much.